From its beginnings as a modest welding shop to a full-service metalworking company Fusion Metalworks has built a team of top-flight specialists and a well-rounded menu of services. From something as a simple handrail to coatings to precision CNC operations and fabrication and hanging major structural steel…and everything in between…Fusion Metalworks has become THE premier, go-to source for metalworking in Florida.
What We Do

  • CAD/3D



We meet your needs

Our services are suited to meet the needs of numerous industries and are available for any size production run, from prototypes through large volume.
Additionally, we are committed to providing service suited to each customer’s ideal turnaround time.

Let’s make something amazing!

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Greatest Strength

Diverse group of employees

Fusion Metalworks is a very diverse group, each employee is an expert in their own field.

Attention to Detail


Here at Fusion we are perfectionists, who focus on quality. We stride to inspire pride in our clients by creating superior products and producing top quality work.